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To direct, require, command, or admonish.

Enjoin connotes a degree of urgency, as when a court enjoins one party in a lawsuit by ordering the person to do, or refrain from doing, something to prevent permanent loss to the other party or parties. This type of order is known as an Injunction.

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v. for a court to order that someone either do a specific act, cease a course of conduct, or be prohibited from committing a certain act. To obtain such an order, called an injunction, a private party or public agency has to file a petition for a writ of injunction, serve it on the party he/she/it hopes to be enjoined, allowing time for a written response. Then a court hearing is held in which the judge will consider evidence, both written and oral, listen to the arguments and then either grant the writ or deny it. If granted the court will issue a final or permanent injunction. A preliminary injunction or temporary injunction are orders made by the court while the matter is being processed and considered, based on the petition and any accompanying declarations, either of which is intended to keep matters in status quo (as they are) or prevent possible irreparable harm (like cutting trees, poisoning a stream, or moving out of the country with a child or money) until a final decision is made. (See: injunction)

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to require a person to do, or refrain from doing, some act.
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TO ENJOIN. To command; to require; as, private individuals are not only permitted, but enjoined by law to arrest an offender when present at the time a felony is committed or dangerous wound given, on pain of fine and imprisonment if the wrong doer escape through their negligence. 1 Hale, 587; 1 East, P. C. 298,304; Hawk. B. 2, c. 12, s. 13; R. & M. C. C. 93. 2. In a more technical sense, to enjoin, is to command or order a defendant in equity to do or not to do a particular thing by writ of injunction. Vide Injunction.

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The government may seek to enjoin conduct that includes some form of speech.
In 1983, Topps Chewing Gum was found not to have infringed Tetley Tea Co.'s mark when it used stickers bearing the words "Petley Flea Bags." The same company, however, wasn't as lucky in 1986, when its Garbage Pad Kids were found to "tarnish" Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, and Topps was enjoined from selling trading cards using that mark and concept.
In Zolin, the Ninth Circuit reasoned that the conditional-enforcement order did not violate section 7421 because the IRS merely was enjoined from disclosing the return information to another agency and was not restricted in its use of such return information for purposes of assessment and collection of taxes.
They, therefore, enjoined the people of the state to declare their maximum support Abiodun in his quest to bring total development to the state.
"The private [HEIs], they are not covered [by the Civil Service rules] but we will encourage them or enjoin them not to host candidates for graduation," he added.
1981) held that a federal district court with jurisdiction over particular parties has the power to enjoin them from proceeding with a foreign action to litigate the same issues.
The said ruling enjoined CHED from "implementing and enforcing of the provision" of its CMO No.
By RUSHDIE OUDIAbrThe High Court has ordered the government to reinstate security detail for Governor Anyang' Nyong'o and his deputy Mathews Owili until a case in which the duo filed against the State is heard and determined.Justice Tripsisa Cherere further ordered the two county bosses file an application seeking to enjoin a similar case filed by Homa Bay Town MP Opondo Kaluma in Nairobi involving a number of opposition leaders, which is due on February 19.The judge said it would be a waste time for the courts and parties who have filed the same application demanding their security back.
The court is also being asked to enjoin Howard Milstein and his company, Douglas Elliman-Beitler from selling or developing the property.
'We, therefore, enjoin members of the public, law enforcement agencies, traditional rulers, associations, NGOs, among others to ignore the statement credited to the product of violence person who came to limelight through criminal acts.'
The Dusseldorf Court ruled in preliminary injunction proceedings that Boston Scientific has the right to enjoin Edwards and its German subsidiary from offering and selling Sapien 3 Ultra in Germany.