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But it also indicates the dangers in relying on a simple majority, even if you don't accept Dr Johnson's assertion about the majority always being wrong, or its echo implicit in the old hippy enjoinder to "eat shit, because ten million flies can't be".
Joking aside, imagine what might have happened if more companies had followed Apple Computer's enjoinder to "Think different.
42) The enjoinder recurs in the deontological treatises, which were clearly influenced by Hippocratic and Galenic writings,(43) and gave rules for the correct behavior and training of physicians.
Husbands love your wives'' - what a succinct, all-encompassing enjoinder.
His leitmotif is the enjoinder to follow Christ's example of fixing our minds on things that are above (Colossians 3:2).
Effing's enjoinder presumes on aesthetic texts as intersections of "inside" and "outside," as well as on a vigorous response to them, one goal of which is to reconstruct intention.
Strangely, however, we have no new pronouncements to make at this present moment-apart, of course, from a general enjoinder to anyone involved on racing's side in these negotiations to make very sure they squeeze the bastards till the pips squeak.
A lady's decolletage may be appropriate for an enjoinder to purchase skin creams and other unguents.