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However, this grafting does not occur specifically within the essay, working instead through implicit analogy via the reader's ability to connect Deleuzian/Bergsonian critiques of time and the popular academic enjoinders to reinvent the humanities mentioned in the introduction.
V]); and his plain style does not include such figurative use of magical references as Athelstan's enjoinder to Agrippina to use the 'soueraigne Magicke' of her eye on Andolosia, in order to 'inchant his lookes to keepe the circles | Of thy faire cheekes' (Dekker, ll.
But when the face "appears," it is an enjoinder to Walton to remember his "duties": "Never did I behold a vision so horrible as his face, of such loathsome, yet appalling hideousness.
One searches the annals of pre-modern drama in vain for a recorded enjoinder that a player act "artificially" or "excessively.
The paradigm of the host is Jesus of Nazareth, and the enjoinder is to receive the stranger as Christ has received us (Rom.
But it also indicates the dangers in relying on a simple majority, even if you don't accept Dr Johnson's assertion about the majority always being wrong, or its echo implicit in the old hippy enjoinder to "eat shit, because ten million flies can't be".
Joking aside, imagine what might have happened if more companies had followed Apple Computer's enjoinder to "Think different.
Pedro Conceicao, Pedro Ferreira, and I do end our recent article in the New Left Review with the provocative enjoinder, "Do it the American way.
The enjoinder to students is to go out, develop colleagues and communities, teach, and build their own theories.
42) The enjoinder recurs in the deontological treatises, which were clearly influenced by Hippocratic and Galenic writings,(43) and gave rules for the correct behavior and training of physicians.
After all, there is a lot of truth to Mary Poppins' enjoinder that, "A job begun is half done.