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While the homogenous characterization of the Humanities and the concept of 'theoretical spin' might cause some problems, the manifesto nature of the final article enables these potentially contentious categories to function within an overall enjoinder to lift 'the pall of unproductive repetition' (Bono et al.
5) Enjoinders by NATO leaders to reform and strengthen defence capabilities are accepted in rhetoric but not always reflected in performance.
you know, I think we might as well call him DJ, pounding out his upbeat enjoinders not to ignore the next greyhound race: not to forget the big specials on the golf; not to miss those all important numbers rackets (can you believe it: they even try to persuade you that the bloody balls have FORM
Updates about the doings of the editors and their friends were accompanied by endless enjoinders to readers to subscribe, to get their friends to subscribe, and to get local libraries to purchase MR pamphlets and books.