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To direct, require, command, or admonish.

Enjoin connotes a degree of urgency, as when a court enjoins one party in a lawsuit by ordering the person to do, or refrain from doing, something to prevent permanent loss to the other party or parties. This type of order is known as an Injunction.

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v. for a court to order that someone either do a specific act, cease a course of conduct, or be prohibited from committing a certain act. To obtain such an order, called an injunction, a private party or public agency has to file a petition for a writ of injunction, serve it on the party he/she/it hopes to be enjoined, allowing time for a written response. Then a court hearing is held in which the judge will consider evidence, both written and oral, listen to the arguments and then either grant the writ or deny it. If granted the court will issue a final or permanent injunction. A preliminary injunction or temporary injunction are orders made by the court while the matter is being processed and considered, based on the petition and any accompanying declarations, either of which is intended to keep matters in status quo (as they are) or prevent possible irreparable harm (like cutting trees, poisoning a stream, or moving out of the country with a child or money) until a final decision is made. (See: injunction)

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to require a person to do, or refrain from doing, some act.
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TO ENJOIN. To command; to require; as, private individuals are not only permitted, but enjoined by law to arrest an offender when present at the time a felony is committed or dangerous wound given, on pain of fine and imprisonment if the wrong doer escape through their negligence. 1 Hale, 587; 1 East, P. C. 298,304; Hawk. B. 2, c. 12, s. 13; R. & M. C. C. 93. 2. In a more technical sense, to enjoin, is to command or order a defendant in equity to do or not to do a particular thing by writ of injunction. Vide Injunction.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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NRG Radio had filed a preliminary objection against Radio Africa being part of the suit, but the court ruled in favour of Radio Africa and enjoined the company as an interested party.
We enjoined everyone to pray for you that each one of you would benefit spiritually from going through and completing these holy days of Ramadan,' he said.
Describing the care of orphans and abandoned children as the nobler cause, the President said it was not just a social responsibility as a human being, but it was something enjoined in the Holy Quran, which repeatedly mentions the Muslims' responsibilities towards orphans and the destitute.
The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on Saturday confirmed that all State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) are enjoined to shift their respective academic calendars to August starting this Academic Year (AY) 2019-2020.
figure By NDUNG'U GACHANE Fruit processing company Del Monte has suffered a major blow after the Environment and Land Court dismissed its application seeking to be enjoined in case where two petitioners want Murang'a County government and the National Land Commission (NLC) compelled to advertise for local and international bids after the expiry of the leasehold for land occupied by the firm.Ephantus Githae and James Mwangi filed a petition arguing that the fruit-processing company should not have its leasehold renewed automatically but it should rather go through competitive bidding where local and international investors should be brought on board so that the successful bidder gets the leasehold.
The conduct of anti-illegal gambling operations against MCCI's OCBS are enjoined by virtue of the Writ of Permanent Injunction.
Align is also permanently enjoined from using SmileDirectClub's confidential information.
The district court agreed and enjoined 24.2-509(B) in its entirety.
Neither have the provinces sought entrustment of functions in order to issue licences for new TV, radio, internet and other broadcasting and telecasting channels against fees as enjoined by the Constitution nor has a federal law been enacted to secure such effect.
The CA agreed with Ekistics that the BSP should be enjoined from disposing of Banco Filipino's assets until the question on the propriety of its closure and liquidation has been resolved with finality.
There are many righteous deeds that are enjoined during Ramadan, but the most important of which is fasting.