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The Olu of Ilaro and paramount ruler of Yewaland, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle, in his address at the crusade, enjoined Nigerians not to get tired of praying for the peace of the country.
The Florida Supreme Court has permanently enjoined four individuals and their respective businesses from the unlicensed practice of law.
Finally, all parties involved in the construction and renovation of buildings in these jurisdictions should also be aware that the New York City Department of Buildings might be enjoined in the near future from issuing any temporary c/o, at least for residential properties.
The court enjoined prison officials from requiring, as part of the Sexual Offender Counseling Program, participants to divulge their history of sexual conduct, including illegal acts for which no criminal charges had been filed.
District Court enjoined implementation of Maine Ex holding that it violated both the supremacy clause and the commerce clause.
Women -- whom Aristotle had considered deformed males -- were also treated in light of these notions of dignity embodied, enjoined as they were to "postural rectitude and rigidity" through whalebone corsets that gave them no other choice except to be distorted into "laced and braced" uprightness (94-95).
Cooper enjoined Amana in 1991 from being terminated as the manufacturer's New York-area distributor.
Acuna decision, authorities in Los Angeles, in August of 1997, successfully enjoined members of a criminal street gang from engaging in a number of activities, including:
The ruling found in favor of Rubbermaid on all counts of patent, trademark and trade dress infringement, and enjoined Contico from making, using, selling or soliciting for sale its Fast Pak container, models 1326 and 1826.
In May 1990, the Forest Service applied controls according to EIS guidelines to protect eight RCW colony sites from rapidly encroaching beetle infestations in and around Little Lake Creek Wilderness, only to be enjoined again by Fritz and other environmentalists (Sierra Club et al.
Marcus Benjamin Harris a/k/a Marzuq Al-Hakim, Tampa, permanently enjoined from engaging in the unlicensed practice law following a January 12 court order.