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133) The State of Alaska can claim that venue in the District of Columbia is proper because the subject matter of the suit, the application of the Roadless Rule and the enjoinment of the Tongass Exemption, arises out of and is connected with transactions that occurred in, and regulations promulgated by agencies headquartered in, the District of Columbia.
What is revealed by Luyken's brilliant choice is not simply the sadness of the moment as Adriaen tries to search for any memorial of his mother, but also the solidarity of the two boys and the solicitude of the elder for the younger--all in accordance with the enjoinments of the mother, who left her own memorial, in letters.
However, no system can deliver if the motivation for the reform/change is not underpinned by the desire for improving the quality of tax payer services and improving the overall business enjoinment.
1996) (holding that Cook was enjoined from trespassing upon Goulding's land and therefore had to remove his septic system from Goulding's property, even though the enjoinment would cause great hardship for Cook because that property was the only suitable place for him to enter a septic system to make his own property usable).
Moreover, it is undisputed that the injunctive relief sought turnover of the assets and enjoinment (sic) of any state insolvency proceedings is prospective in nature, satisfying the second prong of the inquiry.
A swift and well-publicized enjoinment and fine by the ins is not only necessary.
amongst another, in a secure enjoinment of their properties and a
Ryckman says, "Common problems may be as simple as static management and as complex as three or four layer designs to enhance tag performance and durability to suit the enjoinment of the end application.