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What pleasure can I have in seeing a girl grow up to eclipse me, and enjoy those pleasures that I am for ever debarred from?
The best way to enjoy yourself is to do what is right and hate nobody.
Then he began to feel that he had not fully appreciated his young friend; that she was such a bright and lovable girl, it was a pity she should not always be gay and pretty, and enjoy herself; that she would make a capital wife for somebody, and perhaps it was about time to think of "settling," as his sister often said.
Well, I can; and I don't see why I should n't enjoy myself as well as Trix.
And when we learn better to enjoy ourselves, then do we unlearn best to give pain unto others, and to contrive pain.
These rascals mean to enjoy themselves, that's evident.
She found it very lovely, and sat down on a cracker keg to enjoy it with a heart full of the innocent sentiment of her years.
It was this considerate kindness that held them close friends and enabled them to enjoy one another's society.
If you knew what I have suffered and what I may yet endure, you would endeavour to let me taste the quiet and freedom from despair that this one day at least permits me to enjoy.
Leaving her sister to her own devices, Amy proceeded to enjoy herself to her heart's content.
And thus, without in appearance living otherwise than those who, with no other occupation than that of spending their lives agreeably and innocently, study to sever pleasure from vice, and who, that they may enjoy their leisure without ennui, have recourse to such pursuits as are honorable, I was nevertheless prosecuting my design, and making greater progress in the knowledge of truth, than I might, perhaps, have made had I been engaged in the perusal of books merely, or in holding converse with men of letters.
One of those balls where one always enjoys oneself.