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Anthem wound up in second place for usefulness and ease of use, while Medicare ended up second for enjoyability.
Participants rated the text slightly below the midpoint on the five-point enjoyability scale (mean = 2.
Each subtest was followed by a brief affective survey instrument asking participants to rate on a 1 (low) to 7 (high) scale (a) the extent to which they believed the item type measured their cognitive ability (a measure of face validity), (b) the difficulty of the items, (c) the enjoyability of the items, (d) the realism of the items with respect to the everyday world (also a measure of face validity), and (e) the stress caused them by answering the items.
Like a good pop record, its enjoyability increases with familiarity.
Viewer involvement is a function of enjoyability and the degree to which attention involves active processing rather than passive) (Hollis, 1995).
The enjoyability of the program may make the kids watch, but it's the science that makes them ask questions.
Place more emphasis on behavioral characteristics than on cuteness, for behavior determines the enjoyability of the pet.
The perceptions included clarity, understandability, credibility, enjoyability, engagement, and informative ness.
We won't be changing the pork content of our products as a result, as the enjoyability is paramount.
consumers "about their interactions with a variety of companies, scoring those experiences in three areas: meets needs, easy to work with, and enjoyability.
Larkin, 1977; Muehling, 1987), materialism (Larkin, 1977, Durand and Lambert, 1985) enjoyability of ads (Russell and Lane, 1993), and the need for government regulation of advertising (Durand and Lambert, 1985).
The study is based on consumer evaluations during November 2009 across three areas: 1) meeting needs; 2) being easy to work with; and 3) enjoyability.