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The project will encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience on communication in a culture like Japan, and how foreign travelers can make their trips more enjoyable.
Irish people consider the UK to be the most enjoyable country to drive in with 40% having had a pleasant experience here.
29% of the surveyed found it enjoyable and only 6% found it unenjoyable.
It is never an enjoyable week after such a result like that," said Hughton.
It was an enjoyable day where nurses and midwives had an opportunity to discuss their thoughts on hospital issues as well as start a conversation on what they believe is important to them and their patients in the up-coming re-negotiation of the 2013 State Nurses' Award.
Summary: Event at Burj Steps held to encourage people to get into fitness in an enjoyable manner
Provided you can put up with the prehistoric presentation and deceptively dull first few hours, not to mention the odd mission seemingly designed by a Gestapo torturer, then there is actually some enjoyable aerial action to be had.
In addition, tertiary education providers seek to ensure that the experience of education for the student is both enjoyable and valuable.
Written with style and verve, this is a thoroughly enjoyable comic adventure which made me laugh out loud in places.
Feeling grateful is enjoyable - and enriching - plus it's always good for us.
Attended by eight practitioners and four representatives from the AOP, Mr Shannon hailed the event, held just outside of Aberdeen, as a successful and enjoyable evening for all involved.
Inviting local school groups to the station is a really enjoyable way of showing them what we're all about and how we're here to keep them safe.