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Polly scoffed at this sort of thing sometimes, but to-night she accepted it without a murmur rather enjoyed it in fact, let her bracelets shine before the eyes of all men, and felt that it was good to seem comely in their sight.
Polly could n't help laughing, and, in spite of the crush, enjoyed the slow journey from seat to carriage, for Tom took such excellent care of her, she was rather sorry when it was over.
This thought came back to Rose several times that evening, for Phebe would have added much to the little concert they had in the moonlight, would have enjoyed the stories told, been quick at guessing the conundrums, and laughed with all her heart at the fun.
Those were the last moments of my life during which I enjoyed the feeling of happiness.
We read a story of yours the other day, and enjoyed it very much," observed the elder Miss Lamb, wishing to compliment the literary lady, who did not look the character just then, it must be confessed.
It was perfectly clear that the Signor Sinbad, Franz's host, had the honor of being on excellent terms with the smugglers and bandits along the whole coast of the Mediterranean, and so enjoyed exceptional privileges.
During past four years period these officials enjoyed full official financial and other benefits in sheer violation of Courts' orders and department's service rules, it was informed.
Parks as well as different food points were full of people and they enjoyed the weather.
This year I really enjoyed seeing the colourful collection from local designer brand Art On Fashion (an absolute must for any bodycon dress fan).
Children enjoyed football, cooking, art, mug designing, board games and playing video games at the school, in Oliver Street, Foleshill.
This will create a life style where TV and video content can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.