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I propose a name for each strategy based on the most important motivation in their community: Enjoyers, Preservers, Presenters, Creators and All-stars.
He realizes that God is the true subject of his being and the real enjoyer of the fruits of actions (13.
As in the Mulasarvastivada version, nuns who master deviant forms of knowledge are criticized by laypeople who accuse them of behaving like ordinary enjoyers of worldly pleasures.
This measure not only limits the power of the publishing industry but is also argued to be beneficial to both authors and book enjoyers, as it is believed to result in beautiful and high-quality publications rather than bland artifacts of which the materiality is dictated by purely commercial concerns.
The leaflet asks the dune enjoyers not to pull wild plants by root, at any circumstances, rather they should help them proliferate further.
When sexual love draws down its enjoyers into a singular focus on themselves, Greene seems to be suggesting, it creates a realm increasingly sealed off from awe, desire, and, indeed, human society.
Entertainment places, particularly restaurants and parks seemed to have become the main destination for the Eid vacation enjoyers who found in this occasion an opportunity to please their kids as well as to relax, reduce job stress and spend time with the family and loved ones, feeling relief from the tension they experienced over the past months in light of the difficult circumstances Syria is undergoing.
Certainly the idiom 'guilty pleasure' captures the emotional register of responses by women in this larger group of ambivalent enjoyers of the genre.
There is plenty of precedent for such a regulatory compliance defense to protect active users from quiet enjoyers.
But whereas Financial Positives have planned for a leisurely retirement with no interest in returning to work, Upbeat Enjoyers are definitely interested in continuing to work after retirement.
If you have not discovered by now that I think all of us opera enjoyers should have this book, then I will leave you with one quote from Chapter Two:
I understand that pornography enjoyers often move to harder-core material and sometimes act out their fantasies.