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I propose a name for each strategy based on the most important motivation in their community: Enjoyers, Preservers, Presenters, Creators and All-stars.
He realizes that God is the true subject of his being and the real enjoyer of the fruits of actions (13.
Scientists who counter such establishments might, for example, wish to violate the norm that suggests that enjoyers of immoral pleasures must suffer, and work on perfecting an alcohol-like substance which does not interfere with coordination or produce hangovers.
Which prompts us to wonder if we enjoyers of Borowski's writing would be considered more or less guilty by an Augustine for weeping at these characters' plight.
It also told me that six Indians who joined the IS have already become "martyrs" or enjoyers of unending carnal pleasures.
It's not only local fine diners and enjoyers of cocktails who will feel the benefits of Bayley Lane.
accomplished bodies, sensuous and swift, of summer scents enjoyers, and of winters the permanent spirits, watchful, unappeased: of summer hills a speaking radiance, the body's language, excellent and pure, discoursing love, free as the wandering wind: of scentless winters the philosophers, vigilant always like a tiptoe mind on peaks of sorrow, brave and scrutinous .
As in the Mulasarvastivada version, nuns who master deviant forms of knowledge are criticized by laypeople who accuse them of behaving like ordinary enjoyers of worldly pleasures.
This measure not only limits the power of the publishing industry but is also argued to be beneficial to both authors and book enjoyers, as it is believed to result in beautiful and high-quality publications rather than bland artifacts of which the materiality is dictated by purely commercial concerns.
The leaflet asks the dune enjoyers not to pull wild plants by root, at any circumstances, rather they should help them proliferate further.
When sexual love draws down its enjoyers into a singular focus on themselves, Greene seems to be suggesting, it creates a realm increasingly sealed off from awe, desire, and, indeed, human society.
Roy rightly concludes that, in the modern global context, it is from within the relationship between artists and enjoyers of their art that we find the clues to establish and determine authenticity.