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It is heartening to see people of all socioeconomic classes enjoying the same snacks.
She said it was amazing to see so many people enjoying the nature.
KEVIN KEEGAN insists he is enjoying his time back at the Newcastle helm - but will enjoy it even more once he's banked three precious league points.
When you're enjoying life, you're functioning at your highest level.
More than anything, Wooden appeared to be enjoying himself - even though his beloved Bruins were playing that same night and the man was forced to miss a UCLA game for one of the the few times in many years.
One of the little girls was explaining the movie to the older adult and he would listen and respond and really seemed to enjoying their conversation.
A large hill in the center is a great spot for picnics, kite flying, boat watching, enjoying concerts, and gazing out at the water.
with the opportunity to pursue some of their favorite hobbies while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow achievers.
Anyone who has observed a baby playing endlessly with his or her fingers and toes knows that this person has a developing capacity for enjoying intellectual stimulation.
It is a pleasure to have meals at the hilltop restaurants besides enjoying cool and calm natural environment," Fouzia Wahab, a visitor at the spot said.
Like snack bar owners, those selling dry fruits also had a good sale, as the people kept alive the tradition of enjoying peanuts, walnuts and pistachio in the rainy season.