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The exercise of a right; the possession and fruition of a right or privilege. Comfort, consolation, contentment, ease, happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction. Such includes the beneficial use, interest, and purpose to which property may be put, and implies right to profits and income therefrom.

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n. 1) to exercise a right. 2) pleasure. 3) the use of funds or occupancy of property. Sometimes this is used in the phrase "quiet enjoyment" to which one is entitled to be free of noise or interference.

(See: writ, injunction)

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the exercise of a right; enjoyment nec vi (‘without force’), nec clam (‘without secrecy’) and nec precario (‘not being a grant recallable at will’) for the appropriate period will result in the prescriptive acquisition of the right.
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ENJOYMENT. The right which a man possesses of receiving all the product of a thing for his necessity, his use, or his pleasure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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With the young men there seemed almost always some matter of diversion or business on hand that afforded a constant variety of enjoyment. But whether fishing, or carving canoes, or polishing their ornaments, never was there exhibited the least sign of strife or contention among them.
My natural fondness for the music which she played with such tender feeling, such delicate womanly taste, and her natural enjoyment of giving me back, by the practice of her art, the pleasure which I had offered to her by the practice of mine, only wove another tie which drew us closer and closer to one another.
Well, sir, the time must come when you will be paid for all this, when you will have little labour and great enjoyment."
"My first enjoyment," replied John Knightley, as they passed through the sweepgate, "will be to find myself safe at Hartfield again."
"A Tongueless Nightingale": The Enjoyments of Deferral
Proposing a romance that breaks out of the courtly love tradition, the poem undermines the kind of enjoyment associated with consumption.
Pleasure takes many forms and this collection addresses several enjoyments of mind, body, and soul.
"Nonvoting is the way many contented people express passive consent to current conditions," George Will wrote, adding cozily: "In a free and constitutional society, elections are of limited importance because life's basic enjoyments are not at risk."
But there is a huge section of the public that is not contented, and that does not feel so secure about obtaining life's basic enjoyments. Those who do not vote are disproportionately poor.