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But believe me, they are contemplating the opposite course; they doubtless enkindle, more than they appease, the insatiable hunger of their avarice with the remains of a devastated city.
Las notas publicas aparecen en la lista de los pasajes mas destacados Popular Highlights (4) que podemos encontrar enKindle Store.
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love.
Azemi emphasizes that the problematic statement made by Professor Ljubomir Frckovski was enough to enkindle the feelings of VMRO-DPMNE which came out with an avalanche of reactions and accusations.
It brooks no falsification, which, otherwise, will enkindle hostility among states and nations," it added.
This year's list is as breathtaking as usual, packed with names and occasions that enkindle a glow during the coldest months.
More than simply describing icons, Forest enables the Western Christian to understand even better the spiritual perspectives that enkindle the religious art of the Orthodox Christian, both here and abroad.
From the three indispensable questions that one must ask when facing every leadership challenge, to proven processes to quickly get people on one's side and keep them there, to means of establishing strong relationships and the secrets to enkindle enthusiasm, The Leadership Talk is a superlative, step-by-step primer and planner.
Both use the inter play of public engagement and critical introspection to enkindle political energy and prompt reflection about how such energy can be channeled best toward efforts to make a better world.
enkindle the fire of hope, so that, without perhaps losing your own soul, you nevertheless ruin others .
It is stupidity for a Muslim to think that the Crusader-Zionist public opinion which backs its government was waiting for some action from Muslims in order to support the Crusader war against Islam and thereby enkindle a spirit of hostility against Islam and Muslims.
If it is any point requiring reflection,' observed Dupin, as he forbore to enkindle the wick, 'we shall examine it to better purpose in the dark.