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In doing so, the poet represents in his poetry the original state of being enkindled by the divine revelation, with his words being used in a playful and unrestricted way.
23 -- This title would have enkindled great hopes in the miserable lives of henpecked husbands, more so if their wives are pretty, and more accomplished than they themselves are
It's like feeling the sky split asunder and witnessing the first sunrise, back when Little Turtle enkindled the sun.
For a long period of time now, the political crisis is obvious but thanks to the Albanian political factor, which always gives a chance and has no clear vision how to act, the crisis is not enkindled.
There is a real fear that the light of Christian communities that was enkindled personally by the apostles of Jesus Christ could be extinguished in this vast region that includes the Holy Land.
Glasgow's narrator notes that before her infatuation with Jason, Dorinda's "imagination was enkindled by the ardour that makes a woman fall in love with .
Mary Magdalene, Christ recounted to Mechtild the laudable emotions Mary Magdalene directed toward him; (73) during Mass on the Feast of Pope Gregory, Christ and Gertrude spoke about Gregory's writings and about the honor he received from his fellow saints because his literary labors excited others to devotion; (74) on Bernard's least day, Christ related to Mechtild the glory that now belonged to Bernard, who because he was so filled with love of God enkindled this love in others.
It is a prologue of sorts, a flash-forward set in some nameless bit of scorched earth, wherein a ransacked house will soon be enkindled, while a small band of "soldiers"--intentionally ambiguous figures who, importantly, are never identified as either belonging to the Union or Confederacy--roots for spoils of war.
The key to what I'm trying to say lies in the first chapter of the third book, "Lena Lingard," where Jim's vision begins to be transformed by his teacher Gaston Cleric, who introduces him to Dante's Divine Comedy and the tribute in it to the "divine flame" from Virgil's Aeneid that had enkindled Dante's own masterpiece.
This apprenticeship, in turn, fulfilled older fantasies, enkindled when, as a child, the future filmmaker pored over the photo album his father, himself a former sailor, had assembled from his voyages to Shanghai, Calcutta, and Angkor Wat.
Gandhiji's championing of non-violence, even when facing a violent adversary, has stimulated public reflection and enkindled political action in different forms across the world.
We have now learned that these "narratives of soul and sweetness, which have touched our hearts with the truest sympathy and enkindled our spirits with the warmest glow of emulative admiration," are really the product of "cunning artists" in the form of "eloquent narrators and delicious poets," who have "dishonestly practiced upon our affections and our credulity, making us very children through the medium of our unsuspecting sympathies.