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Thus the God, While his enkindled eyes, with level glance Beneath his white soft temples, steadfast kept Trembling with light upon Mnemosyne.
Numerous changes are the result of a small but pivotal community whose origin lies in the region that indirectly enkindled many of the domestic transformations enumerated above.
Attendant to this dark vision is the discovery that the light enkindled by human kindness and love can give human life a brilliance and luster that will never be extinguished.
Your breath first kindled the dead coal of wars Between this chastis'd kingdom and myself, And brought in matter that should feed this fire; And now 'tis far too huge to be blown out With that same weak wind which enkindled it.
Postgraduate leadership studies and visiting lecturers enkindled a desire to lead and make a difference, but some leaders lacking the managerial tools to be effective fell by the wayside.
33) These words cause Dante's eyes to sparkle like coal enkindled, a direct quotation from the Paradise, once again in the episode between Dante the pilgrim and Cacciaguida.
By joining the wood (the fire sticks) of the two organs, the fire is enkindled by the wind.
In the age of kinder-blander journalism, here is a book that resurrects the enkindled spirit of the '60s.
Tell thus becomes a hero of the Swiss resistance, newly enkindled by the semi-legendary oath of confederation on Rutli field.
Consider, for example, the enkindled and sensuous seeing-through-language to be found in Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Golemba draws convincing parallels between Thoreau's "wild rhetoric" and that of Barnum (in his pre-war advertising schemes), which generated controversy rather than conclusiveness--which "encouraged doubt, sapped deference to authority, and enkindled thought" (80).
The nature and extent of the ombudsman's duties recently enkindled a statewide controversy in which the wisdom of his continued participation in the decisionmaking process has been questioned.