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s choice of films does not display explicit or direct "religious" themes, it enkindles theological imagination, so that sparks of the divine may be perceived within cinematic stories portraying the paradox of being human.
Human suffering becomes the very oil for eschatological hope when it enkindles praxis.
To this effect, in his 2006 Lenten address, Benedict notes, recalling Populorum Progressio, that the most complete "antidote" to various painful (apparently material) developmental realities, including abject poverty, abuse of political and other power, exploitative business practices, and the like, will inevitably be the gift of faith and the life of charity that it enkindles.
In particular, the idea I have found most amazing is: "The greatest service to development is a humanism that enkindles charity and takes its lead from truth.
The Church greets her risen Lord in the morning, marks the descent of the Holy Spirit at midmorning, commemorates the passion and death of the Lord at noon and at three o'clock, enkindles the lamp of faith in Christ the Light of the World at eventide, and enters the sleep of the Lord at Compline.
It is this dissolution that softens the boundaries between things and enkindles our humanity--saves each of us, in Merleau-Ponty's words, from having "an almost adamantine body, not really flesh, not really the body of a human being.