enlarge the scope of

See: enlarge, extend
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LOS ANGELES, July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- California Federal Bank, FSB, announced today the appointment of two new commercial banking executives with extensive consumer and business banking experience that will significantly enlarge the scope of the Bank's retail operations.
Leser will also be responsible for identifying new product lines, and determining whether to enlarge the scope of existing products and create new products by recognizing and responding to customer needs.
Based on very productive trials over several months with our own branded service from IXC, Adelphia and Hyperion are eager to enlarge the scope of our arrangement," said James Rigas, executive vice president, strategic planning of Adelphia and vice chairman and CEO of Hyperion.
Therefore, this will enlarge the scope of applications for Texas Instruments smart card technology and platforms.
The decision to add advanced fare-collection technology in the form of proximity smart cards will not only attract more regular users of the system, but will also enlarge the scope of potential interagency use between WMATA and other regional transit authorities.
Code-sharing with Continental allows us to enlarge the scope of our service at minimal cost and derive significant additional revenues by attracting a broader customer base," said A.
These results reaffirm LXE's strength in a vigorous worldwide market -- a market which we believe offers great promise for our efforts to enlarge the scope of product applications through the unique technologies of LXE, its strategic partners, and its sister companies affiliated with Electromagnetic Sciences, Inc.
Proposed changes would enlarge the scope of the agency's enforcement responsibilities and bring extension of coverage, adoption of written programs and required worker-management safety teams in many more companies, other new regulations, deadlines and reporting requirements, and criminal penalties for employer conduct now subject only to civil damages.
This will allow us to enlarge the scope of our business in terms of product and marketing.
We will enlarge the scope of this expansion project if we are successful in obtaining orders for additional tonnage in connection with several other lime-based scrubbers currently under construction in our market area.
It is our expectation that the activities of this group will speed up and enlarge the scope of commercialization of our proprietary Scherersol, Zydis and Pulsincap drug delivery systems.
Deb has done a great job in expanding the product lines within Coming Home, and we're counting on her skills in this area to enlarge the scope of this division going forward.