enlarge the scope of

See: enlarge, extend
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The petition also argued that neither the attorney general nor the SJC possessed any power to enlarge the scope of an inquiry being carried out since a judge was not bound by rules applicable to the government servants regarding official communication.
Niyi called for continental support from African leaders in order to enlarge the scope of the event for more international acceptance.
Strengthening the provisions in the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 to combat terror financing by criminalizing the production or smuggling or circulation of high quality counterfeit Indian currency as a terrorist act and enlarge the scope of proceeds of terrorism to include any property intended to be used for terrorism.
Now, it is proposed to enlarge the scope of FED,' argued Minister of State for Revenue Hammad Azhar while presenting the budget.
Hammad Azhar said that through Finance Supplementary Second Amendment Act 2019 FED on cars 1700 cc and above was introduced at the rate of 10%, adding that now it was proposed to enlarge the scope of FED and following slabs are being introduced as cars from 0 to 1000cc at 2.5%, cars from 1001cc to 2000cc at 5% and cars from 2001cc and above at 7.5 %.
The leaders said that they would further give their plans to enlarge the scope of their just demands during the moot to be held in Talhar town.
The leaders also vowed to enlarge the scope of their ongoing peaceful protest including by staging long marches and protest rallies, sit-ins against the water crisis in Badin district.
Speaking on the occasion, the Minister noted with satisfaction that Yemen's accession to COMSATS would further build the edifice of the organization and enlarge the scope of collaborative activities of the Commission.
Both sides agreed on the importance of strengthening their cooperation and exchanged ideas and information, to serve their aspirations to deliver aid to those affected, coordinate their distribution of supplies and food aid, and enlarge the scope of their work to include more Yemeni governorates.
The Spanish envoy, for his part, praised the positive developments in the climate of investment in Egypt over the past period, a factor which he described as "motivating" for the Spanish and international companies to enlarge the scope of their business in Egypt especially in the fields of gas and petroleum.
We will continue to enlarge the scope of our integrated services since that is what differentiates our company from most of the service providers and makes us special.- The writer is the CEO PTGOLDENVISA.
This initiative, the government believes, will enlarge the scope of investment for fund managers while ensuring credit quality.