enlarge upon

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She knew him; she knew that at her return from a fruitless journey it would be in vain to tell him of her imprisonment, in vain to enlarge upon the sufferings she had undergone.
Whether I had business or no business, away I went: it is no time now to enlarge upon the reason or absurdity of my own conduct, but to come to the history--I was embarked for the voyage, and the voyage I went.
This is not the place to enlarge upon the sensations of a man who feels for the first time a ship move under his feet to his own independent word.
8220;There is currently an exciting proposal on the table, which I am not at liberty at this stage to enlarge upon, but which has great potential for developing this industry here in Bermuda,” said Crockwell to the House of Assembly.
The selections recall and enlarge upon ideas proposed by the mothers of African literature: Bessie Head, Ama Ata Aidoo, and Buchi Emecheta, to name a few.
Further to this, the authors fail to enlarge upon the rather vague link of "achievement" that apparently was used by Marion to fuse the Olympic ideal with adventure sports.