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However, forensic examination showed that he had bleeding lungs and enlarged organs.
Diagnostic company Northwestern Medicine said on Thursday that its urology department has received the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval for the UroLift System for the minimally invasive treatment option for men with enlarged prostates.
This LOI marks a milestone for the Enlarged Group, brought about by the successful integration of the complementary services provided by EMS and Koastal.
Patient's age, reason for evaluation, presence of enlarged nodes, location size and number were recorded.
67 per cent stake in the enlarged group, following the completion of any deal.
By far the majority of enlarged prostates are caused by a non-cancerous, though potentially painful, condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia.
A spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) last night said the minister was awaiting confirmation from the surgeon but that "all the expectations" were that he had been suffering from an enlarged prostate gland.
The questions before the Enlarged Board of Appeal related to the requirements of Article 76(1) EPC which stipulates that a divisional application may be filed only in respect to subject matter which does not extend beyond the content of the parent (earlier) application as filed.
Scientists compared roughly 6,000 men who had surgery or symptoms of an enlarged prostate to more than 18,000 men with a trouble-free prostate.
The merger is expected to become effective by the end of September 2007 and the enlarged society will continue as a mutual society owned and run for the benefit of its members with more than 880 locations across the UK.
While similar patients probably trickle in to other endocrinology clinics, he says, the cause of their enlarged breasts could escape diagnosis because doctors don't make the connection to personal-care products.