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This, according to Osmani, won't be possible unless the Commission makes Macedonia part of its strategy for enlargement by 2025 to be developed early next year and unless other concrete steps are made to boost the European optimism in the country and the region.
The bedside clinical grading of parotid gland enlargement proposed is based on a study of 100 subjects (37 males, 63 females).
You are dealing with enlargement in the European Commission.
Analyzing the public opinion on the biggest round of EU enlargement has significant repercussions for understanding the public opinion in future rounds of enlargement.
Despite different dynamics in the enlargement countries, we could register very positive developments.
Keywords: Gingival enlargement, chronic inflammation, orthodontic therapy, compliance, motivation
While the Commission believes that moving the accession process of this country to its next stage is "necessary in order to consolidate the pace and sustainability of reforms," the name issue' between Macedonia and Greece has hindered the enlargement process.
On intraoral examination showed generalised reddish "bead like" enlargement of interdental papillae and the consistency of which was soft and edematous with loss of stippling (Fig 1 A&B).
Hereditary gingival fibromatosis first reported by Goddard and Gross in 18561, is a rare, benign, non-haemorrhagic fibrous enlargement of gingival tissue.
The arrest of Serbian war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic has removed a great obstacle on Serbia's road to the European Union, but Belgrade must intensify work on reforms, Reuters quoted the EU enlargement commissioner as saying on Thursday.
The paper is structured as follows: We start off with a brief revision of the literature on EU enlargement effects.
In order to do that, I will attempt in the first part to show how the absorption capacity is defined by the EU institutions, both in 1993 and today, by researchers and by national politics in relation to general debates on enlargement, such as widening vs.