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Among the old and relatively new pharmacologic agents involved in gingival enlargement, overall, phenytoin still has the highest prevalence rate (approximately 50%) with calcium channel blockers and Cyclosporine associated enlargements about half as prevalent.
Generalized symmetric enlargements###Generalized nodular enlargements
The paper is structured as follows: We start off with a brief revision of the literature on EU enlargement effects.
Meanwhile, the enlargements of 2004 and 2007 qualify in economic terms as a 'major success' and a 'win-win situation' for both the new and the old member states and the EU as a whole, according to the European Commission's enlargement anniversary report, issued on 20 February.
Indeed, according to Katia Didaoui, the concept of AC was included in the conclusions of the Copenhagen European Council as requested by Spain, which feared that new enlargements would challenge the EU's capacity to fund its cohesion politics (10).
Results: Among 26 patients with moderate mitral regurgitation, cardiac enlargement was found in 4 (15%) patients on chest radiography, and in 7 (27%) patients on echocardiography.
A vertical enlargement can sometimes be done even while a building is occupied.
But breast enlargement still remains the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK, according to surgeons.
This is contradicted by the recent EU preparations for the next phase of enlargement, which should surpass all the previous enlargements in many ways.
On the occasion of this enlargement, and all previous enlargements, the existing members begin to ask themselves again some of the basic questions.
Preston points to serious shortcomings in the EU's classical method of integration, which might become quite perilous in future enlargements.