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ENLARGING. Extending or making more comprehensive; as an enlarging statute, which is one extending the common law.

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10) Children present clinically with a slowly enlarging, painless mass.
These calculations affirm the practice of enlarging sprue diameters to shorten fill time in some types of transfer molds.
The XR[TM] reamer line of tools is designed for both conventional and rotary steerable applications and it provides the industry's only available concentric hole enlargement technology that is also capable of enlarging a pilot hole more than 40 percent while drilling.
Subsequently, a rapidly enlarging tongue metastasis developed, and it was removed via laser excision.
Computed tomography scanning indicated that the abnormal lung mass was enlarging and showing formation of cavities, which is evidence of a possible malignancy, Miller wrote.
Enlarging what might have been wallet-size images to five-by-five or two-by-two-foot canvases, Ehrenworth intends to convey a generalized idea of childhood: Benjamin, Mary, Kate, Bill, Andrea, and Beth evoke kids he knew growing up in a New Jersey suburb.