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The EnLighten app claims to make driving in cities easier by helping the driver to anticipate traffic signal changes, which can increase safety and help save fuel by avoiding unnecessary acceleration.
The Enlighten platform is focused on addressing the core challenges facing launch teams: quick creation of robust and complex project plans, painless and voluntary capture of progress updates from team members, and intuitive visualization of progress across all functional levels.
This new option simplifies connectivity of Enphase Microinverters to Enlighten s web-based software when there is a wireless router on premise.
In its first year, enLIGHTen America reached more than a million people in real estate and building management markets by presenting at industry trade shows, publishing articles and distributing press releases.
I trust that these sources will be a help in your efforts to enlighten others.
The heart of Enlighten Me is the SuperThinkers page.
Our mission is to create quality programming which will inform, educate and enlighten our viewers both nationally and internationally.
Open Spatial's Enlighten product enables utilities and public works authorities to provide map and spatial assets information, such as electricity, drainage, roads, sewer, and water networks.
Just for the holidays, Enlighten Me features a new interactive gift guide for children to use to find gift ideas for their parents or caregivers.
CEO and President for enlighten technologies, Richard Pundt, states: "I am especially excited to have Greg as part of our team.