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Besides this overview of the Byzantine way of philosophizing, we must mention the existence of a true evolution of philosophy in Byzantium (contrary to the opinion that still exists imposed by the enlighteners who state that Byzantium was characterized by stagnation and stereotypy), and the delineation of a period and of currents in their philosophizing ways.
During about half of a century, the social role of Estonian journalists changed from enlighteners and educators to the one of a popular leader.
Maimonides was a major inspiration for Spinoza's Tractatus Theologico-Politicus, and Jewish Enlighteners like Moses Mendelssohn regarded the works of Maimonides as a driving force in the project of haskala, i.
Ministers, legal scholars, and later Enlighteners often tried to dismiss instances of possession as fraud or theft.
The Enlighteners inveighed against the entire English poor law apparatus on the grounds that it immobilized the free circulation of labor.
Through the '60s, we worked not only against the Vietnam War and the arms race but also for grassroots neighborhood democracy, for new approaches to the media that would make them mass enlighteners instead of mass mind-polluters, for a democratic health-care system, and for the empowerment of Black communities.
This compliment, though an extraordinary one, was not simply hyperbole, since Paul Sweezy is certainly one of the greatest, most courageous enlighteners of our day.
The members of patriotic societies saw themselves as active (in contrast to unrealistic) enlighteners.
Yet Kant does not argue that enlighteners should seek to usurp the power of authority.
Jacob mentions the Whiggish doctrines of Montesquieu but say nothing about the aristocratic and middle-class enlighteners in the three Parisian local lodges during the 1730s.
The people who find it, who develop the vocabulary and the techniques, will be the great enlighteners of the next century.
Traditionally, theAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA National Enlighteners' Day honors the memory the work of scholars, enlighteners, national liberation fighters who have preserved over the centuries Bulgarian self-consciousness, the spiritual values AaAaAeAcAaAaAeAcof the nation and its mor