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However, the petitioner said that it was October 11 when ECP without hearing to the petitioner's counsel declined to enlist the party (MML) as political party in the record of ECP on the plea that Ministry of Interior has directed to avoid the registration of the party.
Speaking on why the company was yet to be enlisted on the stock exchange, the acting managing director declared that the management was not reluctant to go to the NSE, but there was time for every step to be taken by the organisation.
The singer met with a car accident in 2007 and after his physical examination, it was decided that he would enlist as social worker.
The companies stated that the ability to combine multiple herbicide tolerance genes of interest in a single location in high-performing soybean genetics ultimately benefits farmers through bringing forward improved products like Enlist E3 soybeans.
(13) A priority for the ENLIST Group is to conduct large, well-designed randomised, controlled treatment trials and the development of a severity measure is an important preliminary step.
Around 63000 families have been dislocated from Bara in which 9200 families have newly been enlisted while the rest of them had already been registered.
Chabad sources who spoke to the Yisrael Hayom daily paper downplayed the importance of the agreement, noting that men in the Chabad movement already frequently enlist for at least partial IDF service.
The Heritage findings make sense: While the military offers some attractions in terms of education, training, and life experience, the effort and commitment required are so great that service in the enlisted ranks will always lose a cost/benefit comparison with even the most humble minimum-wage job.
Birmingham witnessed a boom in its Army enlistment recently as 31 new recruits enlisted in a single day.
As the Roman Empire went into terminal decline, and fewer Roman citizens enlisted to fight the endless imperial wars, Roman rulers turned increasingly to the services of foreign mercenaries--ultimately, with disastrous results.
Although the experimental therapy would be a treatment for existing disease, the researchers refer to it as a cancer vaccine since it enlists the immune system to kill malignant cells, says study coauthor Gregory A.