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Time-in-grade and time-in-service points in active duty enlisted promotion consideration will be eliminated beginning with the 17E7 master sergeant promotion cycle, and all future promotion cycles, the Air Force recently announced.
Professional development courses and career progression opportunities are essential to helping us groom our senior enlisted leaders.
The enlisted corps is a pillar of the FM career field we cannot do without.
As you read the articles in this edition of the newsletter, keep in mind the important contributions of our enlisted Sailors to provide global logistics support to the warfighter.
David Blair has argued against the idea of using enlisted Airmen to pilot RPAs as a matter of command authority.
I have been privileged to serve on 18 enlisted developmental boards and eight chief panels.
The American Enlisted Man quickly points out in its first three chapters that during America's early wars, true volunteers among the enlisted ranks were few and far between.
What drives an enlisted service member with an already successful career to become a Nurse Corps officer?
According to historical records, Richard Boardman Jennison was a 20-year-old farmer when he enlisted in 1862.
This remarkable joint force, led by a professional officer and senior enlisted leader corps, continues a legacy of greatness.

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