enlisted man

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Craft spent 37 years in the Navy as an enlisted man and later as an officer.
The lot of the enlisted man is somewhat improved today but the brass still saves the best for itself.
McKinney (47), once the Army's highest-ranking enlisted man, could have been jailed for up to five years and dishonourably discharged.
The Air Force pursued Saragosa more vigorously than the others, the report says, because he was an officer and because fraternizing with an enlisted man is a serious offense.
Welsh poet who described his experiences as an enlisted man and then an officer during World War II.
CESI) in North Carolina, have a special understanding of military issues: deployment; credit card debt that can be a barrier to promotion; the young enlisted man or woman who buys on credit but doesn't know the basics.
Ligon enlisted in the Air Force in 1966, serving first as an enlisted man and then later earning an officer's commission after he completed his engineering from the University of Oklahoma.
Hudachek and Powell clashed over a series of events, most notably how to handle the dismissal of an officer who was having an affair with the wife of an enlisted man.
This came across in the movie and helped send a powerful message about the professionalism of the enlisted man in Vietnam.
Wright joined the Air Force in 1973 as an enlisted man and served until 1979.
As an enlisted man and a commissioned officer, Blizzard has served in nearly every command echelon in the Army.

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