enlisted person

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She was the first enlisted person to serve in this capacity.
2 : an enlisted person in the army with a rank similar to that of corporal
Cryptologic Technician (Technical) 1st Class (SW) Charles Williams is the Senior Enlisted Person of the Year for U.
Al Eakle was the third enlisted person to join the Reserve after the law changed.
Taking an enlisted person off the ship saves $55,000 annually," Romero added.
Ahrens likes working with the midshipmen because it gives them a chance to see what an enlisted person does.
But, now as a senior enlisted person she observes how many junior Sailors feel dejected when they're not chosen to fill key positions that will offer them added exposure.
GHARTEY was selected as the 2000 Junior Enlisted Person of the Year for U.
There is no provision made for the pay of noncommissioned officers or other enlisted persons.
We pledge ourselves to support enlisted persons who will pay a high price if they refuse to take part.

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