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The least understood feature of the program was the incomplete inflation adjustment under REDUX; even so, more than 65% of officers and nearly 70% of enlistees were aware of this feature.
They hang their shingles here by the dozens, feeding on a steady supply of 18-to 22-year-old enlistees giddy at the prospect of their first real paycheck.
Over 90 percent of the difference between the GAO and Commission cost estimates was in enlistee training costs.
Mike Huckabee's 2008 campaign in Iowa, and was an early Pawlenty enlistee this time around.
When pro football star turned post-9/11 Army enlistee Pat Tillman was killed in the course of duty, the embarrassing actual circumstances were covered up and turned into a flag-waving story of heroism that the Bush administration happily--and knowingly--used for propaganda purposes.
Enlistee number 8,800 was Trahelle Miro of Abilene, Texas, who was put in by Master Sgt.
The reader is introduced on the first pages to the primary adversaries in an ongoing battle, one that is about to be played out in court: Ann-Victoria Hadley, known as Anne-Vic, from the town's wealthiest family and now 91 years old, a Vassar graduate and later a Naval enlistee, known as a radical feminist and an atheist or--worse yet--a secular humanist [defined by the town as "someone who worships the devil and hates America] and who "hated stupidity more than she hated anything else on earth." One resident, not atypical, who sees Annie-Vic passing by, thinks that he wanted to "grab her by the neck and shake her and shake her and shake her until the bones broke into pieces and her head came loose.
including Section 522 that makes the "preferred enlistee" policy permanent.
"The murder shattered the illusion that it was safe to be gay," says Osburn of the attack at the Fort Campbell, Ky., Army base, where a fellow enlistee, who was known to refer to Winchell with antigay slurs, fatally bludgeoned the 21-year-old as he slept in the barracks.
On display are a silk wedding nightgown that one enlistee made from a parachute, and a bathing suit crafted from khaki uniform pieces.
A standout enlistee, he was recruited by the Office of Strategic Services and sent with a special team to French Indochina.
Unfortunately, what should unfold like a contemporary thriller instead becomes a lecture, with a story line of a young military enlistee (movingly played by Luke Tennie) added to humanize the stakes.