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12) Enlistees and officers also score above the national average in standardized reading and math tests.
Terrible secrets, borne by the Army enlistee and his brothers in arms, culminate in tragedy, begging provocative questions about the shades of morality in a war zone.
Terrible secrets borne by the enlistee and his brothers in arms culminate in tragedy, begging provocative questions about the shades of morality in a war zone.
Finding the encampment deserted and evidence of foul play, Sarge leads most of his unit into the hills to investigate, leaving behind pacifist Napoleon (Michael McMillian) and beautiful 19-year-old enlistee Amber (Jessica Stroup) as look-outs.
2) What factors accounted for the difference in estimated enlistee training costs in our 1998 and 2005 reports?
In 1944 an explosion killed over three hundred men, most black loaders, and while white officers were commended for heroism, their surviving black enlistee counterparts were sent to repeat the job on another ship.
Now the conservative Heritage Foundation has analyzed enlistee demographics by looking at household incomes in the zip codes recruits come from.
the Russian enlistee who after tortuous discussion with the enlisting officer, finally had "Methodist Orthodox" written down in the religious denomination box of his attestation papers.
While staying true to surviving written records, Bohner imagines Hugh McNeal, an army enlistee, as a waterman, expert in handling and repairing the boats that accompanied the expedition.
For the moment, here at an inn in Santa Rosa, I am a rank enlistee.
More specifically, the newer enlistee is driven as much by such perks as days off, longer lunches, gasoline discounts, sales incentives and flexible hours as tenured associates are geared to dental plans, extended care policies and free phone service.
Some, like Paxton (Matthew Davis), the idealistic enlistee and would-be novelist who provides the film's voice-over narrative, are there because they feel it's the patriotic right thing.