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To break the impasse of the two opposing viewpoints, Moskos has proposed an independent survey of gay enlistees who have been discharged under the policy.
It's useful to speculate how a foreign enlistee on the naturalization fast-track would reply to the same question.
Latinos account for almost 14 percent of all Marine recruits, compared with nearly 6 percent of Air Force enlistees.
It would give enlistees marketable skills that would assure them jobs after discharge.
Like the country as a whole, enlistees are becoming less judgmental about homosexuality," Moskos concedes.
The big-top backdrop meant that Allen's enlistees from the Debbie Allen Dance Academy needed to know dance and gymnastics as well as acting.
The military should explore whether short-term enlistees could fulfill these responsibilities, freeing other personnel to perform more traditional military duties.
We want to create an on-line community that feeds on referrals from our boot camp enlistees.
WASHINGTON -- The House approved the National Defense Authorization Act, which would expand education benefits for military enlistees.
In fact, reports UPI's Steve Sailer, "on a number of [economic] measures, African-American enlistees tend to stand well above the black average and very close to, or above, the mean for white enlistees.
They were the first female enlistees not to be part of a women's service auxiliary, like the WACS.
Even in the early years of the all-volunteer force, most junior enlistees and many (if not most) junior officers were unmarried.