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If enlistees at the upper age limit seem to be falling behind or getting injured, she said, the limit could be revisited.
Seen as an egalitarian institution where skin color did not inhibit advancement, black enlistees and officers joined the military and self-selected to serve primarily in administrative, supply, and support roles.
His portfolio included obits on Arkansans who had danced acrobatically in the 1930s, survived a fighter plane crash into the Pacific during WWII, traveled Delta barrooms playing the blues, developed many of Little Rock's skyscrapers, and sung country-western songs for fellow enlistees in the Korean War.
All militaries provide their officers and enlistees with multiple medals and ribbons.
The fort is a training center for new recruits, and the "Church Retreat" program is the only day off base (other than the day before graduation) allotted to enlistees.
Like most government programs, it is scheduled to begin small--projected at around 1,000 enlistees nationwide in the first year.
In 1990, nearly 100 percent of enlistees held high-school diplomas.
The legislation also allows, at the discretion of the secretary of defense, enlistees to transfer educational assistance benefits to spouses and children.
About a third of current enlistees have expressed interest in doing so, according to Smith, though just 2,000 have so far.
Although employment opportunities in the United States are generally poorer for minorities (blacks and Hispanics) than for whites, (11) minority enlistees have been reported to generally have better vocational experiences than their minority nonenlistee peers, while white enlistees have been found to have poorer vocational experiences than their white nonenlistee peers in some studies.
In 1916, Captain Thenault (Jean Reno) welcomes American enlistees to Lafayette Escadrille, a close-knit unit equipped with the latest Nieuport 17 planes, led by crack shot Reed Cassidy (Martin Henderson).
The Army will provide formal skills and on-the-job training to eligible enlistees, and Amtrak will conduct interviews and make job offers to qualified soldiers.