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At first glance 50,000 Canadian enlistments seems shocking, but in historical perspective, not so much.
Army recruiting has exceeded overall enlistment goals since 1979, but this trend may soon be reversed in wake of the recent economic expansion.
Early Enlistment Program generates nearly $1,000,000 in revenue for the Company's new wholly owned subsidiary Radioio Live and each Early Enlistment participant to receive 100 shares of Restricted Common Stock
It allows the military to extend service members' active duty beyond the term specified in their enlistment contracts.
And in the final two months of last year, the Reserves missed their enlistment targets last year by 30 percent--a sign of even greater problems to come.
The ``stop-loss'' order, issued Friday and effective May 2, will keep personnel in 43 job specialties for officers and 56 for enlisted personnel on duty beyond the date their enlistments expire.
This essay focuses on enlistments throughout a southern state, using enlistees' testimony as well as the characteristics of potential soldiers to shed more light on the nature of local circumstance and on the reasons some individuals fought and others did not.
The Army told members of Congress on Thursday that it will revoke the enlistment orders of any veteran who signed up based on mistaken information from recruiters.
Problems with the Air Force's new personnel data system may have caused the ``suspension of pay records'' for hundreds who re-enlisted within 30 days of their dates of separation or who have extended their enlistment since late April.
Many young black men and women elect to stay in the ranks for a full career--but even those who leave when their enlistment is up are better educated, more likely to be employed, and less likely to become involved in crime when they return to civilian life.
Most sought after will be interpreters and translators, divers, cryptologic linguists, medical laboratory specialists and explosive ordnance disposal specialists, who can receive enlistment bonuses of up to $3,500 and re-enlistment bonuses of about $7,500.
The most serious consideration came toward the end of his first enlistment in 1974.