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Curtis's History of the Twenty-Fourth Michigan of the Iron Brigade, of the original 1,026 enlistments in 1862, 48 give Canada as place of birth.
The impending expiration of terms of enlistment on December 31 for many of Washington's troops further threatened to reduce his numbers.
The latest data show that large increases in recruiting resources, in light of the projected shortfall for fiscall 1984, have indeed resulted in more enlistments.
Early Enlistment Program generates nearly $1,000,000 in revenue for the Company's new wholly owned subsidiary Radioio Live and each Early Enlistment participant to receive 100 shares of Restricted Common Stock
It allows the military to extend service members' active duty beyond the term specified in their enlistment contracts.
And in the final two months of last year, the Reserves missed their enlistment targets last year by 30 percent--a sign of even greater problems to come.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - Saying their skills are needed to fight terrorism and for other possible military action, the Air Force will retain airmen and officers in certain specialties, including test pilots, from leaving the service when their enlistments are up.
This essay focuses on enlistments throughout a southern state, using enlistees' testimony as well as the characteristics of potential soldiers to shed more light on the nature of local circumstance and on the reasons some individuals fought and others did not.
As they near the end of their enlistments, the soldiers will have the opportunity to interview with Accenture.
DeFazio, a Springfield Democrat, asked that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld rescind all enlistments made under the mistaken order.
To get maximum benefit from the new short enlistment option, John Tillson suggests grouping cohorts of college students from the same region or university, who would train and deploy together overseas on short-term enlistments.
Air Force personnel who have re-enlisted, extended their enlistments or been promoted recently may be getting shortchanged in their paychecks, officials said.