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Pharmaceutical products company Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited disclosed on Monday that its pivotal phase 3 placebo-controlled ENLIVEN study of pexidartinib met its primary endpoint of tumour response as measured by tumour size reduction in patients with symptomatic tenosynovial giant cell tumour (TGCT).
Following review of two recently reported cases of non-fatal, serious liver toxicity, the ENLIVEN data monitoring committee (DMC) recommended that further enrollment into the study be suspended.
Stratford-upon-Avon based Enliven is a contemporary range of 70 health and beauty products made in Britain covering skincare, shampoos and conditioners, hand wash, hair gels and deodorants.
Tac said they signed contracts with tourism agencies bringing passengers from Europe to enliven cruise tourism in Alanya.
Throughout, numerous carefully selected photographs, engravings, and political cartoons chosen and edited by Joshua Brown, serve to enliven the sometimes-pedantic text, and bring a vivid sense of reality to the narrative.
Virtually all buildings will present active frontage at street level, helping to enliven the public realm with retail, studio and live/work uses.
A variety of curved walls, roof forms and suspended ceiling elements enliven its compact orthogonal plan.
These moments enliven the parade of pas de deux characterizing the main event, two days packed with performances, many by Latino artists.
Orders for Enliven, based in Timothy's Bridge Road, have topped pounds 300,000, with deliveries made to customers throughout the UK and in Syria, Malta, South Africa, Qatar, Tenerife, Kuwait, Cyprus, Iran, Pakistan, Bahrain and Yemen.
Shadows cast by venetian blinds, they veil the figures' identities even as they enliven the surfaces of their flesh.
And at last colour's returning to enliven those oh-so-yesterday cream and white interiors.