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Looking back, one can very clearly see the historical forces that brought longterm care to its current state: vigorous in expanding its services, depressed by adverse financial and regulatory forces, but enlivened by a powerful undercurrent of devotion to the elderly that, in the better organizations, never seems to go away.
Ranaldi's work also has an obviously ironic vein, evident both in the titles (many of which are untranslatable from the Italian due to their semantic layerings) and in the visual puns which, in the drawings or sculpture-objects, are enlivened by the conceptual and operational idea of perspective.
200 historic images from the City of Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery's holdings are presented by author/curator Gurba and enlivened with plenty of local color.
Outside and inside, the pale neutrally coloured natural materials of the travertine walls and white oak floors predominate, enlivened by the contrast with the white steel roof structure and sun-shading panels, which are clearly visible through the super-white glass roof, and the charcoal grey frames of the fully glazed walls.
DeMille is a toaster of plot enlivened by likable characters and an infinite sense of detail that makes whatever he is writing about come alive.
Dance Works by Edgar Degas, including Blue Dancers, 1890, enlivened the SFMOMA exhibit "Degas to Picasso: Painters, Sculptors, and the Camera," which examines the role of photography in painting.
All is calm and green, smelling of water, box and grass, enlivened by the gentle chatter and splash of the stream as it hurries from terrace to terrace.
This dark fantasy, enlivened by fight scenes and Karen's strong sensory experiences as a wild animal, will appeal to fans of the genre.
Here the dynamism grew out of an absorbing exploration of the man-woman relationship--not in the confrontational, retaliatory way of many dances, but, rather, as if these people were responding to balance and counterbalance in a civil dialogue enlivened by undertones of attraction and passion, as natural as life itself.