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The editors carry on the tradition begun by teacher Eliot Wigginton of enlivening the compendium with dialect anecdotes and interviews that recover ethnic customs.
Apparently, at the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery, 'one of the great buildings of the last half of the twentieth century', the Venturis were concerned with 'aspects of meaningful symbol and enlivening detail'.
Authors Anne Byrn and Anthony Loew demonstrate the art of enlivening a bag of cake mix.
Geuze is acquiring a reputation for inventive, contemporary landscape design capable of enlivening unpromising city sites; his regeneration of Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam (AR January 1998), for instance, imaginatively combined hard landscaping with a series of animated light sculptures.
Enlivening a featureless industrial estate and creating a humane working environment, the Tobias Grau headquarters joins a lineage of other notable German projects such as Stirling's factory for Braun at Melsungen (AR December 1992) and the exemplary Vitra at Well am Rhein (AR December 1994) in its dignified and democratic approach to the workplace.
Ordinary materials are used or finished in unexpected ways, animating and enlivening the basic layout.