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Enlivening a featureless industrial estate and creating a humane working environment, the Tobias Grau headquarters joins a lineage of other notable German projects such as Stirling's factory for Braun at Melsungen (AR December 1992) and the exemplary Vitra at Well am Rhein (AR December 1994) in its dignified and democratic approach to the workplace.
Through a bold yet assured handling of scale, light and colour, Denton Corker Marshall have succeeded in enlivening a dauntingly large building volume in an invigorating and accessible way.
As an antidote to Norway's frequently grey weather, this interior must be enlivening as well as harmonious.
However, mixed use is vital to the health of cities and has a crucial role to play in animating and enlivening the urban realm.
The relationships I know of, including my own of 12 years, are enlivening, enriching, and fulfilling.
On the public side, the MMTA website went through an enlivening facelift and now includes e-commerce, online registration for various programs, online printable forms, an overview of the organization's many programs, conference news and the popular "Find a Teacher" page.
Whigham's b/w art is action-oriented and very busy; it does a good job of enlivening Verne's novel, which at time resembles an underwater travel video.
The reader, of in this case spectator, is allowed to see just how the object played a role in elevating the senses and enlivening the spirit of the people, be it in performing a war dance, for hunting, or a celebrating a marriage.