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The resultant state of sexual hyperarousal led at the behavioral level to her investment in erotic pursuits and fantasies, a means of enlivenment that served simultaneously as a replacement for the nurture of which she was deprived (a defense against actual intimacy), and more importantly, as a connection to parents who had substituted this dissociated sexuality for true intimacy.
Beatrice whose life is jaded by the city and has become "just a drawing room pet" is in need of enlivenment.
As was apparent in the Governance correspondence, many writers in these next two segments seem to feel that the millennial enlivenment that John Paul II so strongly advocates for the Catholic church (see also The Church in the World, Page 17), paradoxically has its direction and action impeded by barriers he has raised, or helped construct or permitted to be erected.
Our strategy for what is one of the biggest and strongest brands in canned vegetables is one of enlivenment - the way that the simple addition of sweetcorn can enliven an otherwise dull and colourless meal.
Lord Derby said he had been struck by the rather lugubrious way in which they went about recruiting, and he was anxious to see a little enlivenment.
Paradise Place is perfect for Utility; it's an exciting part of the scheme, with a strong enlivenment programme, attracting lots of shoppers to the area.