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Outside of Eurasia, Kazakhstan's regional dialogues with the EU and Japan have worked to enmesh Astana deeply into the international system.
Our enemy enmeshed in terrorist designs will never succeed, as regional importance of Pakistan in fighting terror has been globally appreciated," she tweeted.
In California, a three-month-old sea otter pup has to learn what's safe to eat in a world enmeshed with humans, while in Sri Lanka, a seven-month-old macaque has no problem making friends, but is forced by his mother to toughen up to stay on top.
It has deep, double meanings both of which aptly sum up the situation we are enmeshed in.
But their scheme quicky goes awry, and both women become enmeshed in blackmail, car chases, and the threat of a deadly biker gang.
The SC rejected a review petition challenging the top court's decision to acquit Asia Bibi, a peasant Christian woman enmeshed in a years-long blasphemy row.
Most recently, I have created installations that interpolate the audience's passage through the gallery into the VR environment's timescale; the behavior, physics, and light of both physical and virtual spaces are enmeshed. In Sky Is a Gap, 2017, the scene is a slowly intensifying disaster-a Zabriskie Point-like explosion of a building.
The five levels of cohesion are: disengaged, somewhat connected, connected, very connected and enmeshed families.
NEW YORK Thu Jan 9, 2014 (Reuters) - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a possible Republican White House contender enmeshed in a scandal over his staff plotting intentional traffic jams at a busy bridge in a political vendetta, planned to meet with reporters on Thursday, his office said.
It has many links with Beauty and the Beast but it is also provides innovative elements of fantasy, mystery, magic and adventure as it tells the story of Natasha who unwittingly finds herself enmeshed in a web of fear and revenge.
US and Canadian anthropologists use novel analytical and interpretive frameworks to investigate how religious expression and practice were enmeshed in the social, political, and historical processes of the Pueblo people during AD 1275-1540, the final centuries before contact with Europeans.
Camaraderie has never been more culturally enmeshed than in today's social network-obsessed world -- a star's worth is measured by how popular he or she is on Facebook and Twitter.