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The descriptive results contained in Table 1 show that the participants obtained the highest means in Cohesion and the lowest means in the Enmeshed and Chaos scales.
By contrast, children from enmeshed home environments entered school with no more disciplinary problems or depression and withdrawal than their peers from cohesive families.
Personal writings reveal that 'problem' girls were often aware of the workings of power in which they were enmeshed.
What seems evident is that in much anti-Muslim rhetoric, criticism of the religion is enmeshed with cultural and ethnic hostility that extends to largely secularized immigrants from traditionally Muslim countries.
The extension will overtake two key elections ( a May 2007 French presidential vote and Dutch parliament ballot the next month ( ensuring the charter is not enmeshed in the politics of the two nations that trashed it.
As a boy, Dwight Enhart found himself enmeshed in the fogs of an ordinary teenage boyhood in 1946 as a young man who had development into a shy, yet respected leader in his high school, The Fading Of The Scars is an engaging tale of the young discovery of God through friendships and social barriers that eventually break through as a message of enlightenment.
The viewer was thus enmeshed in a "seriality" of images whose leveling power implied an altogether more depressing definition of "the opposite of progress": If the reflections of Morris's cubes add nothing to the real world, Meckseper seems to say, current activist strategies yield little more.
She discusses the personal life of the female professional dancer: her humble background, her sadistic dance teachers, her victimized social life all too often enmeshed in prostitution.
Her quest is appropriate and plausible, because religion embraces ritual and symbol; it is enmeshed with images that tell more compellingly than historical fact or dogma the significance of the mystery of our existence (p.
Following the suicide of his favorite client, Dodds becomes enmeshed in the dead man's life, not only writing about it but also befriending the man's Down syndrome-affected sister, June.
More than that, it became enmeshed with the systematic annihilation of European Jewry through a fatal tradition of estrangement and enmity towards the Jews," the Evangelical Church in Germany said in a statement.
If ever there were two occupations enmeshed in one another's success, it would be home office underwriter and producer.