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Performance art is thoroughly enmeshed with photography, but performance needs photography far more than vice versa.
Although it may be necessary to cooperate with friendly governments, there is no reason to become further enmeshed in entangling alliances abroad.
2 announcement of Ben Stevenson as its new artistic director, Houston Ballet has become enmeshed in an ongoing controversy.
Its editors claim that 'immanent' in each text is 'a transformed subject enmeshed in the ecologies of urban assemblages'.
We will move on from the psychodrama in which he has enmeshed us.
In the first half hour of Almodovar's luridly named Live Flesh, we cannot begin to guess the extent to which its seemingly disparate characters' lives are enmeshed.
Of the doubtful but still oft-made attribution of the Saint Francis cycle in Assisi to Giotto, Charles Harrison writes: "It is not my intention that this essay should become enmeshed in specific questions of attribution to individual names .
Although people are inveterate social animals enmeshed in a web of interactions, the study of social thought and behavior has consisted largely of laboratory tasks administered to (and often inflicted on) individuals.
George permit, applied for in 1992, has yet to be issued and remains enmeshed in litigation with the State, Ware said, noting that Coastal has petitioned the First District Court of Appeal for clarification of its recent decision requiring additional administrative hearings on the permit.
He describes his after-combat self as possessing an "intense skepticism about official utterances of any sort, military, political, ecclesiastical, or academic," and says that he was "angry at the whole postwar atmosphere of public misrepresentation and fatuous optimism " Back again at Pomona College and then on to Harvard for graduate school, Fussell was "now convinced that my duty was criticism, meaning not carping, but the perpetual obligation of evaluation" In effect, Fussell's life's work of critically studying people and the language they're enmeshed in is that of an angry young man growing old, but not soft.
Schools and school administrators are heavily involved in nutrition issues and in food-program delivery in many countries, of course, and have become enmeshed in the childhood-obesity issue.
As they begrudgingly become friends, they also become enmeshed in an adventure, which starts with the search for a key.