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Its enmeshment within anti-Houthi forces is--to some extent--contributing to force security and drawing its enemies into a punishment strategy.
Such critiques of transubstantiation emphasized the enmeshment of the obley in a series of labor practices and economic transactions which were required for the wafer's production, identifying the priests role as the last link in this chain of productive labor.
Apparently, overseas Chinese professionals did not use Facebook as a platform for enmeshment in identity management, when individuals develop common understandings of the relationship and culture with people from another culture.
and his colleagues outlined the impact of enmeshment in families where a child has an eating disorder.
The Western route through Turkey has not been opened due to status problems in the Caspian Sea while the Southern route has not been utilized due to the international embargo on Iran and the Southeast route from Pakistan to India has not been materialized yet due to the political enmeshment in Afghanistan.
But our over-intimacy was also doing capitalism's dirty work, over-caring for each other verbally in a way which never actually approached a lived enmeshment, but was more like an administrative check-in in an exceedingly couch- and pillow-lined social space.
The Circumplex model assumes that intermediate levels of both cohesion and adaptability are optimal, whereas the extremes of enmeshment and disengagement on the one hand, and rigidity and chaos on the other, are supposed to be signs of a maladaptive family organization.
That all these irregularities have been linked by the COA to former senator Angara's pet projects signals a crying need for a more thoroughgoing investigation of his possible enmeshment in scams beyond Acef.
The Cumberland Valley student has morphed into the Grand Master of Egypt's enmeshment.
Elisabeth Bronfen speaks of the "murky enmeshment of mutual consent, mutual deceit, and mutual desire" (174).
Aroused, we confront, enact, reinscribe, or sometimes challenge our own enmeshment within social power structures.