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Amjad was the prime accused in that shooting and he remained as proclaimed offender for years and later some area elders reconciled the murder issue, and according to the panchayat decision, Amjad's family had left the area to avoid further enmity.
to end enmity between Rind and Otha communities' tribal chieftain Sardar Manzoor Chandio reached the houses of Rind and Otha communities and successes to end hostility but in Jirga System.
Police sources said that Zafar Iqbal (32), resident of Skacerbar, had old enmity with his relative Muhammad Ehsan.
Noida (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb 4 ( ANI ): The Uttar Pradesh Police on Sunday said that the Noida shootout was not an encounter but a case of personal enmity.
Police said that incident seemed to be case of old enmity.
As per the latest data issued by Delhi Police till March 31, 2017, there were 29 cases of murder registered in different police stations in Delhi and it appeared to be a result of personal enmity.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in an interview with a US television network that aired on Sunday that Tehran and Washington "have taken the first steps" toward decreasing their enmity due to a landmark nuclear accord.
The enmity that existed between the United States and Iran over the decades, the distance, the disagreements, the lack of trust, will not go away soon," Rouhani admitted.
They want to use every opportunity and unfortunately show their nature of enmity with the Islamic Republic," Salehi said.
The Geneva deal only tries to manage one of the issues between us and the West and America, but our enmity for and problems with America re main in place.
Observing that friendship and enmity are linked concepts and yet little research on enmity as an intimate relationship exists, the editors have chosen chapters that characterize these relationships from the perspective of accomplishment, emotion, self-perception, literary portrayal, duty and expectations, and in the context of cultural difference, trying conditions, or illness.
In his new book, "The Vatican Against Israel: J'Accuse", Giulio Meotti explores the theological foundation for 1,700 years of Catholic enmity toward Jews and how this is played out against Israel since the start of modern Zionism.