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Now, we enounce our main result giving the convolution Laplace formula generalizing the result in Section 4.
(213) Other terms enounce high environmental, corruption, and consumer protection standards that corporations should follow.
In Ate Hoje (Memorias de Cao), the main character attempts, through the narrative, not only to come to terms with the effects of the colonial war on himself, but also to (d) enounce and rescue the memory of this war, and its history, both for himself and for the reader.
After all,he was the first person to r enounce his peerage.
[Not that any intellectual would want to be late to a symposium to enounce this view.]
IT is a mediator that can enounce a vast array of information, ideologies, concepts and communications and is generated in facilitating of human ideologies.
Therefore I will enounce here the following hypothesis, assumptions and conclusions that define their social and cultural micro-cosmos (as one of the interviewees sees this context, in normative and interactive terms: "our life here in the campus is a microcosmos, you know what everybody does and everybody know who you are and what you do", A.L., 23 years old, Romanian student in Germany, Erasmus in Bordeaux).
is just one sparrow that enounces a change in seasons, or whether she