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The book makes good use of the difference between the subject of the enunciation and the subject of the enounced, which is, according to Benveniste and Bakhtin, inherent to the language itself, bringing it toward a clearer dialogization based on a strong narrative structuration.
The first principle of republicanism is, that the lex-majoris partis is the fundamental law of every society of individuals of equal rights; to consider the will of the society enounced by the majority of a single vote, as sacred as if unanimous, is the first of all lessons in importance, yet the last which is thoroughly learnt.
chiefly assume entrepreneur as accelerator change in economic activity, because entrepreneur has courage for doing different reaction of other to the events infact entrepreneur is an economic element which do productive and commercial activities by using production element and using obtained opportunities in their own market business she or she is pioneer because has high venturing in a general breaking down, entrepreneur can be enounced as following:
The Principles of Freedom of Expression and Privacy enounced by the Global Network Initiative ("Protecting and Advancing Freedom of Expression," 2008), a nonprofit coalition of ICT companies, civil society organizations, investors, and academics, provide a blueprint for how Apple might draw from principles of corporate social responsibility to address these issues, as it has tried to do with issues like supplier responsibility in the past (Apple, 2012).
If we distinguish between the speaking subject (the subject of the enunciation) and the grammatical subject of the enounced, we could say that there is also the subject of the enunciandum--which refers to the held belief or opinion of the speaker.
Considering these principles, the motives for civic engagement described by Stoker (2004) and the perspectives enounced by Cuthill (2003), we believe that the challenges that local governance is facing are of unquestionable exigency, but of undeniable urgency when confronted with the extremely low stocks of social capital.
The results registered and their determining causes has validated the work hypothesis enounced and has objectivised the achievement of the purpose and targets of the research performed, being acknowledged the contributing potential to the improvement of the content of the applicative methodology used for the increase of the efficiency of the teaching-learning process specific to the physical education as didactic activity in the intermediate level.
Thus, relevant documents have the same type and the same concept enounced by the user's request.
Such were the professor's words--rather let me say such the words of fate, enounced to destroy me.
Some general conditions concerning equilibrium existence are also enounced at the end of this section.
GS Enounced its withdrawal last Thursday, the same day President Obama signed new U.