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Simmons, 68, has not been seen in public since February 2014, a fact the National Enquirer apparently used as evidence of his secret transition.
Enquirer Media is a provider of local news and information in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.
the parent company of The Enquirer and CinWeekly announced July 2 that it would lay off 1,400 employees in its community publishing division.
According to the Enquirer, the GEM NEV has been assigned to a Battle Creek Police Department liaison officer on a trail basis for patrolling the city's downtown area.
In this survey, statistically speaking, occupation is the only characteristic that is significantly linked to whether or not an active enquirer begins the adoption process.
According to the Enquirer, the soy-based biodiesel fuel will power trucks used to haul asphalt and plow roads in the winter.
Once reviled as a scandal sheet, the Enquirer is acknowledged (if grudgingly) as the architect for today's celebrity-crazed culture (his book has even garnered a few raves).
CINCINNATI -- Enquirer Media today announced that it will launch DealChicken, a unique daily deals site on Tuesday, July 12.
The NATIONAL ENQUIRER hopes the cover story on its latest issue, "Home Alone' star Macaulay Culkin Addicted To Heroin - Only 6 Months To Live
Information from: The Cincinnati Enquirer, http://www.
Specifically, the Enquirer said the funds would be used to cover the additional expense of hybrid buses, which cost approximately $200,000 more than traditional diesel-powered buses.