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The enraged relatives wounded the sister of Nadir Shambani in retaliatory fire.
When the teenager refused to speak, it enraged the suspect who stabbed the teen repeatedly," a police officer said.
Zainab's murder sent shock waves across the country as enraged locals carried out protests, demanding to hang the culprit in public whereas many politicians, activists condemned the death of the young girl and urged to bring the culprits to justice.
Every citizen is enraged and demands with one voice that the culprit or culprits be punished now.
Lahore [Pakistan], August 21 ( ANI ): Clashes erupted at the Lahore High Court (LHC) after enraged lawyers attempted to break a security cordon and enter LHC Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah's courtroom where he was heading a full bench hearing against Sher Zaman Qureshi, the head of the bar association of the LHC Multan bench.
Enraged had been talking about and planning to record for many years, but financial constraints and changes in the line-up meant it never really got done.
Mario Chalmers, who is dubbed the "the most-yelled-at man in the NBA" in 2012 because of the way his superstar teammates treat him, enraged James during the third quarter of a nationally televised matchup of the top two teams in the East on Wednesday night.
She told KCTV: "I was enraged and I wanted to do whatever to get the phone back and to get rid of that film.
This was recently the case in Egypt when the public was enraged by the supposed enactment of a law, allegedly passed by the Islamist-dominated parliament, which allows a husband to have sex with his newly-deceased wife about six hours after her death.
The controversial referee, who will officiate the Toffee's Premier League away clash at Aston Villa this Saturday, enraged the Blues and their fans with a series of debatable decisions in the Goodison game against Liverpool who won the game 2-1.
The enraged singer added he wished he was a bird so he could show people how annoyed he was with them.
An archivist and writer in Houston, Scroggins characterizes Toombes (1810-85) as a consummate politician, who enraged his southern colleagues by trying to compromise with the North before the Civil War, and enraged his northern colleagues by pulling his native Georgia with him into the Confederacy once the shooting started.