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An enraptured audience was wowed by the latest of the designers clothes line.
When author Marcia Gloster was a college student, she visited Salzburg, Austria to study painting at Oskar Kokoschka's School of Vision, she unexpectedly became enraptured in a passionate love affair with her instructor, the charismatic Bill Thomson (a married man with a storied past of indiscretions).
A worthy successor to the brilliant Lewis trilogy, Entry Island will have you engrossed in the present and enraptured by the past.
Near-dead roaches seem enraptured in prayer, Rocking their sleek
Our enraptured politicians were seen recently on TV being told by planners that "high speed rail should also go west".
Their live show enraptured me as alt pop never has.
Summary: Graffiti is an art form that has enraptured the imagination of the creative and the scorn of authorities.
Children are likely to be enraptured by the comic villainy of Captain Hook and Snee, and they'll love the flying and sword-fighting.
Anyone who has ever spent a late night channel-surfing only to end up staring spellbound till 4 in the morning, enraptured by the mating habits of the Mexican kangaroo rat, is probably familiar with the Discovery Channel.
It got me to wondering if those who are so enraptured with the smell of scented candles are aware, or even care, that approximately one-third of the population are allergic to many of the perfumes and materials used in the scenting process.
The magic of the movies enraptured me as a child, and as I totter into antiquity, movie magic enchants me still.
England seems desperate to claim a painting genius these days, if the enraptured reviews for Lucian Freud's retrospective, seemingly all containing the obligatory phrase "greatest living painter," are any indication.