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Audrey is an excellent speaker who kept us enraptured, with barely a pause throughout the evening.
In the medium post, Stapleton said she had been enraptured with Google during her early years, but by 2017, viewed the culture differently, the author notes.
It's tough to get truly enraptured with the fans looking to this title for the 'next Bioshock' will have to carry on waiting.
The Spanish striker was left enraptured by a magnificent Liverpool performance which saw them come back from losing positions twice to knock Arsenal out of the Champions League.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Apr 10 (ANI): There is always a TV show that just hit you in a way that you left you feeling befuddled and enraptured. You might have got many childhood memories attached to that specific sitcom which made you fall in love with itself.
The actress enraptured her social media fans with clips of her island escapade.
(http://cms.ibtimes.com/beauty-beast-spoilers-ian-mckellen-guarantees-fans-will-be-enraptured-remake-2479431) Read: Ian McKellen guarantees fans will be 'enraptured' by 'Beauty and the Beast'
We're so excited that a young English player actually possesses the technique and imagination to carry it off that we're positively salivating - including Roy Hodgson, who looked enraptured in the Selhurst Park stands.
Not sure if it was actually her voice or just her Barbie-like looks that enraptured the audience at her recent concert, but either way the Moroccan Telecom officials were all smiles as Dounia Batma sang her heart out last weekend.
though He could not have known That, enraptured as he was By the hymns
An enraptured audience was wowed by the latest of the designers clothes line.
When author Marcia Gloster was a college student, she visited Salzburg, Austria to study painting at Oskar Kokoschka's School of Vision, she unexpectedly became enraptured in a passionate love affair with her instructor, the charismatic Bill Thomson (a married man with a storied past of indiscretions).