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Consistent with Iran's story, over the past year, it has diverted about half of its stockpile of 20% enriched uranium for fabrication into fuel for its research reactor, the think tank concluded.
The International Atomic Energy Agency said it discovered uranium enriched to that level at the country's second uranium enrichment facility located in Fordo.
ISIS said the use of the second cascade meant the plant now needed less low-enriched uranium (LEU) than before to produce the same amount of 20-percent enriched uranium.
The original UN proposal called for the Iranian uranium stockpile to be sent to Russia to be further enriched to 20 percent, then turned into fuel rods to power a Tehran medical research reactor in Tehran that produces isotopes for cancer treatment.
5 percent abroad to be converted into 20 percent enriched uranium for Tehran's research reactor, which makes medical isotopes.
They add that during the course of next year Iran is likely to have built up a stockpile of enriched uranium that in theory could be turned into enough fissile material for a bomb in a matter of months.
Brazil is ready to open a nuclear power plant at Resende that will produce enriched uranium, "which can be used to generate nuclear energy and, when highly enriched, to make nuclear weapons.
Inside their four-room facility is an enriched atmosphere that's 27 percent oxygen.
According to an official, those machines which were earlier manufacturing 20 percent enriched uranium will be engaged in production of low-level enriched uranium, and so there will be an increase in the production of five percent enriched uranium.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Tuesday that Iran has told him it will halt production of 20 percent enriched uranium in a major change of policy.