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13) A summary of studies assessing NAAT's performance at antepartum or intrapartum, with antepartum enriched broth enriched culture as the reference, shows mixed results, but mostly supports the conclusion that NAAT sensitivity is significantly improved with broth enrichment culture.
Table 3 demonstrates the comparative culture positivity rates using the direct plating and different methods of enrichment culture.
RC reference confirmation: a subsample of each Rapidcult[TM] enrichment culture was treated by immunomagnetic separation and streaking or spreading of the concentrate and supernatant onto Rainbow agar plates, as according to MLG 5.
After 6 consecutive transfers on Postgate's Medium B, all positive sulfate reducing enrichment cultures were examined for their ability to degrade TCE in the absence of sulfate.
To obtain an enzyme from such a source, an enrichment culture of the bacteria is set up in the laboratory.
The band B8 was matched by Proteiniphilum acetatigenes strain TB107, which was isolated from a propionate- enrichment culture and can accelerate the propionate degradation rate after adding to syntrophic propionate- degrading co-culture (Chen and Dong, 2005b).
Briefly, 4-5 loopful of stool sample was added to 10 ml of modified tryptic soy broth (TSB containing 20 mg/l novobiocin) for enrichment culture and incubated for 6-8 h at 37[degrees]C.
Considering only the results from initial blood samples, PCR detected Bartonella DNA in 3 samples, all of which were subsequently PCR positive by subculture or enrichment culture.