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Six items were used for each type of enrichment from the scale of Carlson et al.
Factor and reliability analyses were performed to identify and validate the constructs that comprise the variables of the model: work- family conflict, family-work conflict, work-family enrichment, family- work enrichment, job satisfaction and organizational commitment.
WFE: work-family enrichment FWE: family-work enrichment
In addition, number of dependents and work-family enrichment are positively and significantly related to job satisfaction.
Findings demonstrate that work- family enrichment is related to job satisfaction and job satisfaction is related to organizational commitment.
Although, conflict and enrichment are different conceptually and empirically, the existence or non existence of their relationship depends on different circumstances and contexts in which these phenomena are developed.
Results highlight the role of work-family interface as a tool for organizational management because in the extent as the conflict is reduced, enrichment increases, then job satisfaction improves and consequently results a greater organizational commitment.
In conclusion, work-family conflict is inversely related to work- family enrichment (in both directions of domains), the effect is positive for teacher's job satisfaction and the organization in general.