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Enrobed and filled confectionery and bakery products, such as praline-style chocolates, confectionery bars and chocolate-coated biscuits and ice-creams, are popular with consumers.
Made using only natural ingredients combined with pure extracts and flavours, the Caramel Connoisseur Collection includes: a chewy caramel with a chocolate caramel centre which is hand-cut into rectangles, enrobed twice in milk chocolate and decorated with crumbly caramel fudge pieces; a fudgy caramel with a creamy white truffle centre, mixed with liquid caramel, twice coated in white chocolate and hand-decorated with a chocolate strickle; a runny caramel with a creamy, silky, smooth caramel centre encased in a thick, smooth milk chocolate shell; and a hard, butter toffee caramel smothered in two layers of 70% cocoa plain chocolate and hand-decorated with a chocolate strickle.
USA-headquartered company (Phone: 1-800-766-7783) is also distributing a line of enrobed sandwiches.
The MSC-certified product consisting of garlic-cream enrobed scallops is available now and will roll-out to North American grocery retailers and restaurants throughout 2013.
The Munchies[R] Mini Bite combines a biscuit and chocolate base, layered with smooth caramel and enrobed in milk chocolate.
World-famous salts and peppers are infused in British cream which is blended and enrobed with the world's highest quality chocolate from highly acclaimed Valrhona.
Other items will target ease and convenience like heat and serve pasta with crab meat where the pasta sauce is enrobed on the pasta.
The truffle is enrobed in delicious, thick milk chocolate and contains no artificial, colours, flavours, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.
OB), the leading provider in the US and Europe of fully cooked, frozen entrees and sauces utilizing the "sous-vide" technology cooking method, today announces it was awarded a gold for its enrobed pasta and rice line, and a bronze for its salmon flakes products that the company provides to the airlines for their first and business class passengers.
Redpack Packaging Machinery has recently completed a contract to supply an innovative, purpose designed packing line for wrapping individual chocolate enrobed cereal bars at a well-known manufacturer of nutritional foods based in Northamptonshire.