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Neo Cocoa - Marshmallow "Peeps" Truffle - A layer of handmade vanilla marshmallow sandwiched between chocolate ganache cut into bit-sized morsels and enrobed in dark cocoa powder
Uses: Macaron filling, enrobed or molded chocolates
Gourmet Berry Mix (Red Cherry Bings, Pastel Blueberries, & Pastel Apricots), Gourmet Original Espresso Mix (six flavors of chocolate-Covered espresso beans by the originators of the Chocolate-Covered Espresso Bean), Gourmet Butter crunch (hard butter toffee drenched in layers of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and a marbling milk, dark & white chocolate), Gourmet Classic Cordial Assortment (flavored liquid centers enrobed in rich dark chocolate--Rum, Amaretto, Cognac, & Mandarin Orange--all nonalcoholic), Mint Chocolate Lentils, and last but certainly not least, the Gourmet Nut Mix (assorted nuts layered in a mix of milk & dark chocolate).
Sticky Toffee ( A sticky toffee caramel enrobed in milk and dark chocolate
Dave Smith, Head of Marketing at Whitworths said: "Kids love crisps and chocolate, but it is very hard to encourage them to eat dried fruit, so we enrobed raisins with chocolate, fruit flavours and sherbet--not only did we come up with a healthy snacking alternative, but a lunchbox treat they love:
Reese's FastBreak contains a core of Reese's peanut butter between a top layer of chocolate nougat and a bottom layer of peanut butter nougat, all enrobed in Hershey's milk chocolate.
Mikawaya is credited as being the creator of mochi ice cream, a handheld and portion-controlled ball of premium ice cream enrobed in a soft and chewy, sweet rice cake that enhances both flavour and mouthfeel.
With Orange Cream, mini pretzels are enrobed in an orange cream infused white chocolate to create a crunchy, but traditional.
Chocolate Covered Almonds are made with the finest quality nuts, artfully roasted, and covered in deep dark chocolate; Chocolate Covered Blueberries use wild Maine blueberries infused with fruit juice and bathed in smooth dark chocolate; while Chocolate Covered Cherries are Washington State Bing Cherries instilled with their own tart juices and enrobed in dark chocolate.
Like the Passion Fruit, ganache and cremeaux enrobed in vanilla crust and topped with a tropical macaroon; and the Sea Salt Caramel, a macadamia, sea salt caramel, dried berry and honey mosaic topped with a blackberry.
Enrobed steamable entrees: The technology allows entree components to be enrobed with our custom-made sauces, all delivered in steam bag technology - made here in North America.