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Inn Foods expects the enrobing equipment to be installed and operational at its main production facility in Castroville, CA by mid-November.
One day the employee overseeing the chocolate enrobing process may find himself flavoring jelly-centered candies, or the Mogul operators can sometimes be making jelly beans yellow.
There are some temperature alterations in each of the manufacturing departments--are enrobing room may be kept warmer than others--but the overall manufacturing area is kept at 68 degrees.
The new line consists of a take-off conveyor that accepts bars from the enrobing line and transports them, via a 90 degree conveyor, to an orientation module where they are turned for alignment with the line flow.
The system consists of a takeoff conveyor feeding biscuits from the enrobing line to a biscuit separator-orientating module that spaces and turns the biscuits through 90 degree for orientation with the line flow.
Chocoalte products include blocks for enrobing, vermicelli, curls, shavings, spaghetti and beans for decoration, and fudge frostings and icings to cover the cake.
The Bakels Confectionery Concentrates range includes: Fudgice, Fudgice Concentrate, Fudge Base, Fudge Compound, Enrobing Base, Dipping Ice Concentrate and Sugarpaste Concentrate (in a variety of colours).
Regimented discharge simplifies secondary processing, such as enrobing.
Easy to use and ideal for enrobing, moulding and dipping, Frucote offers an unusual alternative to more traditional baker's coating and chocolate and requires no tempering or specialist chocolatier expertise for its use.
A special enrober for enrobing caramel into biscuits.
C-CureEdge belts are ideal for food applications such as breading, battering, enrobing, cooling and frying, and for general industrial applications including heating, cooling, drying and coating.
Filled with a high-quality, rust-proof material, the FDA-compliant Series 1500 Flush Grid Detectable belt is ideal for cooling, enrobing and tight transfer.