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In states offering a CHIP buy-in program that the HHS has recognized as minimum essential coverage, taxpayers who could enroll in the program would be considered ineligible for the premium tax credit because they were eligible for minimum essential coverage (the CHIP buy-in program), regardless of whether they enrolled in the program.
We found that in all states and territories, most of the children enrolled in a preschool program were enrolled for 15 hours or more a week.
The Minister of Health announced the re-establishment of the Enrolled Nurse role in New Zealand's health system in 2009 and since then hundreds of students have taken up the opportunity to up-skill and train for the new role.
Ariana Weihn, who is enrolled in the Villanova School of Business
A large majority (72%) of the respondents reported that they enrolled none of the farm units either owned or rented that they operated in 2009 in ACRE.
With the changes in Enrolled Nurse education and Enrolled Nurses embracing opportunities to specialise, what is the future for Enrolled Nurses and where is our place in the future of nursing?
Between 2000 and 2007, the proportion of 16- to 19-year-olds who were enrolled and not employed during regular school months grew by 11 percentage points, from 48 percent to 59 percent.
Success ratios, described below, will account for the completion of the enrolled courses.
CalCPA administers reviews for California firms enrolled in the AICPA Peer Review Program and will keep doing so.
The confusion created by this letter was unnecessary, unfair on the enrolled nursing workforce and posed a risk to the workforce and to patient care.
Common sense suggests that a dropout is someone who has not graduated from, or is not currently enrolled in, a full-time, state-approved education program (Rumberger, 1987).
Approximately 470 women (approximately 200 of who are in the USA) were enrolled in an IDE clinical study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the implant.