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TO ENROLL. To register; to enter on the rolls of chancery, or other court's; to make a record.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The biggest challenge for the capital's schools was to keep the newly enrolled children at the schools, he added.
'All that needs to be done by both Houses is to prepare the enrolled bill and transmit it to President Rodrigo Duterte for his signature,' Escudero said in a statement.
I got enrolled 30 out-of-school children in my area.'
Eight years old Kaif-ul-Warda was enrolled in Government School Miran Bai in Hyderabad.
The decision has been taken for the graduates' enrolled up-to April 30, 2009 and after October 17, 2011 at the affiliated colleges and campuses of Al-Khair University.
The first 10 provinces of the program enrolled last year would graduate next year.
According to details, the number of feeder schools set up in Punjab was 1,645, teachers teaching 1,928 with 77,507 students enrolled, the province of Sindh had maximum number of schools established i.e.
It is followed by Mardan with 3,096 specially-abled students and Lower Dir with 2,790 specially-abled students enrolled in government schools.
In addition, there are 11 centres of the Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children where 360 were enrolled in 2016.
According to the report, the ANER includes 6-12 year olds who are studying in primary education within Bhutan, and those enrolled in the secondary levels and monastic education.
Also increasing its intake is Aston University, which enrolled 163 students onto its optometry course, up by 13 on the 150 students that it enrolled last year.