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TO ENROLL. To register; to enter on the rolls of chancery, or other court's; to make a record.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Having enrolled its first group of optometry students in 2015, the University of Hertfordshire confirmed that it had maintained its intake, with 49 students enrolling on the first year in September and 47 continuing in its second year.
"As a result, until fairly recently, there were very few barriers to enrolling in Medicare as a provider or supplier." (18) But since 1996, CMS has required all new providers and suppliers to enroll by submitting a form 855, and the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 added section 1866(g), which required the Secretary of HHS to establish an enrollment process for all providers and suppliers in order to obtain and maintain "billing privileges." Since 2006, CMS has required an NPI on form 855.
On the other side of the coin, respondents who enrolled none or only part of their farms in ACRE were asked to rate the importance of various reasons for not enrolling (Table 2).
* It is largely impossible to factor in parents' decisions when it comes to enrolling their children.
Performance bonuses paid to the states to reward them for enrolling eligible children in Medicaid hold the potential to get many more children--especially the poorest children--covered, according to a report from advocacy group Families USA.
THE number of Travellers enrolling in post-primary schools has doubled in the past six years, it has emerged.
Though more seniors are enrolling in a drug plan each month, seniors have become less enthusiastic about the new Medicare drug benefit over the past six months.
The six counselors performed a myriad of tasks, including escorting students to court hearings, working with probation officers, helping with paperwork required for enrolling in alternative educational programs, providing information about services for siblings (via United Way literature), holding training seminars for parents and families, and putting families in touch with community resources.
The results indicate an increase in the percentage of students who had not yet completed a degree, but were still enrolled in a 4-year institution 5 years after first enrolling. These are students who are taking longer than 5 years in their efforts to complete a bachelor's degree.
Wood says that Capitol has been getting motivated distance learning students enrolling, which has helped result in strong retention and success rates.
Those who have already achieved the status of DANB Certified Dental Assistant (or COA or COMSA), are halfway to achieving Fellowship, and will automatically receive 150 hours of credit with proof of current certification after enrolling. Members who are DANB Certified Dental Practice Management Administrators will receive 100 hours of credit with proof of current certification upon enrollment.